Brand Story

We Make it Right For Your Ride.

There’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of riding a bike: the wind ruffling your clothes, the soothing rhythm of the wheels on the ground, the sights you encounter on your journey. 

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but for many, you never forget when you first learned. This was the case for father-and-son duo David and Luke. Until this point, Luke would hop on the back of David’s bike, wrap his arms around his father’s waist and take in the view from under his father’s arm as they rode through town together. For so long, Luke pictured himself whizzing down streets, discovering secret entrances to other dimensions. He saddled the bike for the first time, his dad by his side, gripping the handlebars. It wasn’t long before Luke found his stride, pumping his legs so hard that he thought he might fly.

Unfortunately, that bliss was short-lived. While riding his bike, Luke sustained a severe injury. David quickly rushed to his son’s aid, tending to him with the care that only a parent could give. Unable to see his son in pain, David got to work creating a custom bike that would allow Luke to ride safely and comfortably to school while his parents went to work. Upon gifting it to him, David told his son his strength was powerful enough to give him wings, helping him fly over obstacles and avoid danger. His words bolstered Luke’s confidence, and he looked forward to riding his bike again; it even became the family’s preferred mode of transportation, and biking soon became their designated bonding time.

Their bond only grew stronger over the years. And in the blink of an eye, Luke’s parents had officially entered a new phase of their life, where mobility was no longer a guarantee. They struggled to continue their rides, as the bikes’ seats were highly uncomfortable. Recalling his father’s generosity all those years ago, he decided to make his parents a wing-shaped saddle to better support them on their rides. 

Suddenly, his parents were back on their bikes as if no time had passed. They cycled like they were twenty years younger, the sun beaming on their smiling faces, the wind catching their laughter as they rode. Luke was grateful that they could continue their active lifestyle and connect with nature once more. His invention also meant that their tradition of bike riding would live on and be passed down to future generations, creating a long line of avid cyclists. After seeing how much this simple solution helped his family, Luke realized its potential to help others. This marked the beginning of X Wing.